Gourmet microgreens grown in real soil with real nutrients under real sunlight, nothing artificial.

Microgreens are seedling vegetables, or herbs which are smaller than baby greens yet larger than sprouts.  We grow a wide range of greens locally, in Matamata. 


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Microgreens contain up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts.*

We produce fresh microgreens all year round. We have Biogro organic certification which means we don’t use pesticides or herbicides. We use only organic soil.  Where possible we source and use organic seed, and all seed used is GE free. Kaimai Greens maintains all good food practices and is registered under- NP1 Pursuant to section 88 of the Food Act 2014.

Spray Free


Easy to Eat


Kids love them

Why Microgreens?

Desired by chef’s since the 80’s for their distinctive traits and ability to grab the senses

micros have a fresh robust yet delicate appearance with a variety of colours, leaf shapes and textures

each variety will grab you with their sweet, spicy, earthy and tangy flavours

*research according to university of maryland college of agriculture and natural resources (AGNR) and the united states department of agriculture (USDA).

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