About Us

We produce fresh microgreens all year round. We have Biogro organic certification which means we don’t use pesticides or herbicides. We use only organic soil.  Where possible we source and use organic seed, and all seed used is GE free. Kaimai Greens maintains all good food practices and is registered under- NP1 Pursuant to section 88 of the Food Act 2014.

What is a Microgreen?

A seedling vegetable or herb, smaller than baby greens yet larger than sprouts.
A microgreen is comprised of a central stem, cotyledon leaves (first seed leaves) and varying degrees of 1-3 sets of young true leaves typically 2.5-7.5 centimetres in height (species dependant) microgreens are harvested 7-28 days after sowing.

Our Mission

To produce fresh, local grown microgreen produce all year round for both the public and hospitality businesses.

We aim to grow microgreens to help aid the nutrition and general health of everyone. With our wide selection of microgreens we are able to cater for a large variety customers.

No chemicals, No artificial fertilisers, No nasties, only what mother nature provides, we want to make sure our plants are as natural as possible for you to eat.


There are many great bonuses by adding microgreens to your diet, not only will you feel better you will find they taste great with your cooking too. Check out some more information about how to use them and what their nutritional benefits are and how to make them last longer in your home! Packaging is grade 1 recyclable plastic

How to Use

Microgreens are versatile and have many delicious ways of using them.
Check out our range descriptions to see whats best for your cuisine creations!

Key Nutrients

Nutrients are something the human body needs to grow, develop and function.
We need nutrients in high doses on a daily basis to stay healthy and balanced.
Nutrients help with energy, digestion and tissue repair. Most of our microgreens contain 2 if not more nutrients.

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